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Johnson Indoor Ads network brings Out Of Home digital advertising indoors.  This opportunity creates the perfect low-cost option for area businesses and organizations to reach out to the local community with their message. These TVs run digital advertisements on a continuous loop across our entire indoor network.  We have partnered with a select group of businesses to host Johnson Indoor Ads TVs. This in turn has placed our Johnson Indoor Ads TVs in the locations where your customers spend their time.  As people go throughout their day within our community’s gyms, restaurants, libraries, and entertainment venues, they will be viewing our network of TVs and your ads!

Through Beth Johnson Advertising, we have created long-lasting relationships with local businesses. So as we launched the next step, which was Johnson Indoor Ads, we reached out to our local businesses to become Host Locations. Our Host and advertising customers are the success of our business.  It is our goal to offer unmatched service in the industry.

If you are ready to get started,  or you are wanting to find out more about Johnson Indoor Ads, please contact us today! Our indoor TV network is always growing.


Clay & Beth Johnson
Owner & Director
Johnson Indoor Ads

601-319-9223 or 601-498-3641

Beth Johnson advertising has been a wonderful partner on this journey to being elected as your Sheriff.  Her advertising approach has immediately connected with Jones County voters.


Alex Hodge

Candidate for Sheriff


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