Frequently Asked Questions

How many times are the ads played?

Each ad is displayed for 10 seconds within the maximum 4-minute playlist at your chosen locations. Ads are played during each location’s operating hours, which vary. 

  • 15 displays minimum of ad per hour/per location!
  • 120 displays minimum of ad per day/per location! (based on 8 hour operating day)
  • Example: An ad playing in 10 locations will be playing at each of the 10 locations across the network at least 150 times an hour.
  • The average dine-in restaurant customer spends 30 minutes at a location and has the potential to see your ad 7-8 times.
  • **These numbers are based on every ad slot being full. A location at half capacity will play ads at twice the guaranteed frequency.**
Can I change my current ad?

Of course! Provide us your new ad, and it we will have updated within 1-2 business days.

Is a long term contract needed to advertise?

It is not!  We can provide a month to month plan. This allows you to see if our Indoor TV Network is for you. Also, if you only have a short campaign or event promotion, this is the great solution to that as well.

Can I choose just one Johnson Indoor Advertising location?

Yes you can! Every ad scenario is different, just as every customer is different. You can choose from one of our bundled plans, or we can work with you and create one that fits your needs.

Do you offer Birthday/Anniversary Ads?

Yes we do! Please contact us to get that special day playing on our network. Make that dinner special with an ad playing just for them!

I want to be a Host Location, does it cost me anything?

If you have a high traffic location for locals, its possible your business would be a great host location.  There is little to no cost to host a Johnson Indoor Ads TV. We cover the cost  of the installation.  It will however require and use power, as well as internet.  

Must I sign a long term contract to become a Host Location?

No long term contracts are required.  If you decide that your business no longer wants to be a Host, give us a 30 day notice. This will give us the required time to schedule and complete the removal of the Johnson Indoor Ads TV.


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